MISE x Chef Camille Becerra

Over the past two decades, Chef, food stylist, mother, and culinary trailblazer Camille Becerra has brightened the menus of New York City’s vibrant food scene. Her journey is marked by innovation, resilience, and a commitment to fresh ingredients–all demonstrated in the healthful, multidimensional dishes she develops as Chef and Partner at As You Are, in Brooklyn.

Chef Becerra’s kitchen thrives on the bonds and connective energy of her team. She cultivates a supportive workspace that serves as a community for As You Are’s culinary athletes–an environment where laughter and camaraderie are just as abundant as the fresh ingredients essential to the restaurant’s seasonally inspired menus.

As Chef Becerra launches Bright Cooking, her first cookbook, we celebrate her vision of making every meal an act of creative joy and nourishment. With a career spanning and growing over two decades, Chef Becerra has stayed committed to intentional ingredients reflecting a deeper philosophy of cooking: That food should not only taste good, but also do good.

The launch of Bright Cooking marks a new chapter in Chef Becerra's evolution, offering recipes that embody her commitment to using simple ingredients to create stunning dishes that are approachable and purposeful. This cookbook is an invitation to explore, and find your own culinary voice, guided by what you already have in your kitchen.

You can preorder Bright Cooking, and hone your craft with Chef Becerra’s Bright Cooking School, available on Substack–where she posts lessons, recipes and food thoughts from an imagined classroom.

Just as it takes a village to create Chef Becerra’s acclaimed, seasonal fare, it took a team to bring this story to life. Shout out to Chef Becerra, the crew at As You Are, videographer/photographer Carter Hiyama, and photographer Thomas Teal.

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