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MISE x Southern Smoke Foundation partnership

Throughout our journey to establish the new standard of kitchen footwear, we’ve received endless support from our culinary friends. In the spirit of community, it’s our turn to extend a helping hand through cause campaigns that address and champion the multifaceted needs of our industry and its dedicated workers.

We’re thrilled to announce Southern Smoke Foundation as our MISE For A Cause community partner through 2024, with 1% of every MISE sale going toward the Foundation. Southern Smoke Foundation exists to take care of their own–from farmers to fry cooks, servers to sommeliers–by putting dollars directly into the pockets of food & beverage workers when they need it most. Their efforts encompass both tangible necessities and mental health resources, proving that no ask is too big or too small. The Foundation has provided over $10.7 million in grants to date across the food & beverage industry.

At the heart of Southern Smoke Foundation are its co-founders, Chris Shepherd and Lindsey Brown. After achieving accolades from numerous successful restaurants and inventive menus, Chris, a James Beard Award-winning chef, chose to pivot his career in the culinary industry to concentrate on something deeper and profoundly personal. In 2015, initiated by their shared compassion and the diagnosis of a dear friend and former sommelier with multiple sclerosis, Chris and Lindsey laid the groundwork for Southern Smoke Foundation. 

Southern Smoke Foundation offers support & critical resources for those in the food & beverage industry

 The foundation operates an Emergency Relief Program, assisting with essential costs like groceries, rent, medication, lost wages, and natural disaster damages. These grants are awarded to those in the industry facing unexpected financial crises. As a Foundation dedicated to “taking care of our own,” funding is obtainable for those employed by, or in ownership of restaurants or bars—in addition to those employed by a restaurant or bar supplier facing unforeseen expenses. To apply for SSF’s Emergency Relief Program, you can learn more here.

In the high-pressure, demanding environment of the food & beverage industry, mental health needs often go unaddressed. Recognizing this gap, Southern Smoke Foundation has established Behind You, a no-cost mental health program specifically designed for food & beverage industry  workers and their families. This program was started in the spirit of camaraderie in the kitchen, and always having each other’s back. In an industry that’s constantly bustling, it can feel exhausting to ask for help. Which is why Chris and Lindsey created an outlet for accessible mental health support and counseling, on the house for those who need it. Learn more about the program here.

Our partnership with Southern Smoke Foundation amplifies a lifelong commitment to supporting our vibrant and vital culinary community. In addition to donating 1% of every MISE sale to the Foundation, we’ll have more exciting announcements to share with our community this year.

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