MISE All Day: Kitchen Shoes for Your Commute & Craft

From commute to kitchen, MISE are an essential ingredient of a culinary athlete’s toolkit. With each shift demanding the same consistency and intentional pacing as a marathon, our Standards cushion and support every stride, pivot, and sprint from sidewalk to service.

No matter how you slice it, your commute serves as part of your pre-shift prep. Whether it’s feeling the breeze while cruising through the neighborhood, savoring the quiet moments before a dinner rush, or blasting your hype-up playlist to get into the zone. A culinary athlete’s commute is just as personal and formulated as an organized station.

MISE Standards blend familiar athletic comfort with features tuned for the practicality and fast-paced rhythm of the kitchen. Supportive removable Insoles, convenient modularity, and non-slip outsoles are wrapped in sleek leather Shells—delivering a design that’s easy to care for, and just as easy to wear with anything—whether you’re kicking back on the train, or kicking open the walk-in.

Secure your MISE Standards here, or gift them to a friend!

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