Chef's Roll Features MISE

MISE top view

For those of you wear testers and supporters who were here during our early-early days, you probably remember our highly anticipated giveaway with Chef's Roll—a global culinary community and online publication.

And if you don't fall into that category, chances are you found us because of our giveaway with Chef's Roll, or from a post affiliated with our collaboration with Chef's Roll. Our giveaway with Chef's Roll was truly our introduction to the food and beverage community, outside of our hometown, Portland, OR.

In their Tools of the Trade section, Chef's Roll amplifies MISE as a high coverage, slip-on shoe that is more supportive, sleeker and easier to care for than any other culinary shoe on the market. Needless to say, we are humbled by this recognition and are endlessly grateful for the opportunities that came from that Chef's Roll giveaway. 

The night of the giveaway kickoff, we had just over 1k followers, which had taken months to accumulate. When we woke up the next day, we had thousands of new faces following us and hundreds of messages inquiring about the shoes, offering kind words and support from across the globe!

Head over to Chef's Roll to read their full spotlight and to see the winners of our initial giveaway.

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