Meet Our Partners: Lisa Nguyen & Equitable Giving Circle

Lisa Nguyen of HeyDay Doughnuts

We’ve selected Lisa Nguyen of HeyDay Doughnuts as our first Community Partner of 2023! The origins of Lisa’s love for baking stems from her memories of eating desserts crafted with a rice flour base in Japan, and the signature mochi-like texture of HeyDay Doughnuts still pulls her heart strings in all kinds of nostalgic ways. With her NEW brick and mortar located in Core PDX opening its doors this spring, we can’t think of a more exciting moment to celebrate Lisa, a beloved baker here in Portland, Oregon.

“I knew I wanted to create a dessert to represent myself. How could I introduce something that I love so much in a way that makes it easy for people to want to try? I use it as a vehicle to explain the texture and flavors so people understand and appreciate it as well,” said Lisa, on her signature recipe.

For Lisa, HeyDay Doughnuts isn’t just a love letter to the first mochi doughnut she ate as a kid—it pays homage to her late Father—who always encouraged Lisa to cook without any limitations, and he always ate whatever she made without any hesitation or complaints.

“Doughnuts were a way my refugee dad showed us love,” said Lisa. “It was something that he brought home or somewhere we went that was pretty special for me growing up. My dad passed away in 2008 and I continue to share this special tradition with my own kids. So HeyDay is a throwback as you say to a special memory with my dad.”

Even with all the prep leading up to her new brick and mortar launch, and a bustling schedule caring for her kiddos (who happen to be her biggest cheerleaders), Lisa still finds time to bake from the heart. Everything is crafted with love, in small thoughtful batches to best serve the community she loves so dearly–a community she refers to as “kind, supportive, and talented.”

Equitable Giving Circle

With Lisa’s shared passion for the culinary community, she was a natural fit to elect our MISE For A Cause non-profit partner, Equitable Giving Circle!

“I have worked and connected with Equitable Giving Circle for a couple years, and I am in awe of all the ways they have provided for BIPOC women and families in this city,” says Lisa, on her work with EGC. “From food, meals, clothes, care packages and plants, they provide in ways that meet individuals where they are at in very tangible ways. The way they show people love is so amazing and out of the box.”

Equitable Giving Circle was founded on the idea of creating a closed loop that could alleviate hunger, and support the larger BIPOC community. EGC is a Black-Femme founded and led organization aiming to make large economic deposits into the Black economy, while encouraging healing within the community.

EGC is in constant need of support from the community, and you can view the full list of ways to support their cause here. MISE is donating 1% of every sale from January 1–June 30, 2023 to support EGC’s many efforts. Learn more about EGC over on our MISE For A Cause page.

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