Tilit Creates Gear for the Culinary Community

Tilit founders Alex McCrery and Jenny Goodman

Over the past 20 years, husband-and-wife team Alex McCrery and Jenny Goodman have been designing the future of workwear for the hospitality industry through their brand, Tilit.

From day one, their intentions have been firmly planted in creating shift-to-street styles that not only cater to those in the hospitality industry, but also embody hospitality—Alex and Jenny aim to take good care of those who are constantly putting their efforts toward caring for others. This thoughtful attention to detail echoes through every style, from their duck canvas aprons, all the way to custom uniforms for the restaurant groups.

Tilit’s story began when Alex and Jenny met while working at Commander’s Palace Restaurant in New Orleans. The BOH-FOH couple were tired of showing up to work in clothing and accessories that were ill-fitting, had little breathability, and sacrificed their individual styles. Nothing met their unique needs and no brand seemed willing to find a resolution. That’s when they took matters into their own hands.

The couple spent years listening to the needs and wants of the hospitality industry–something that few brands were doing–and they launched in 2012 with two aprons, a pair of pants, and a workshirt. Today, Tilit’s site, stockists, and NYC showroom are loaded with fashionable, functional pieces. Each design is anchored in Jenny and Alex’s experience in the industry–carefully selecting materials and features that take into consideration all of the kitchen’s obstacles, weaving in support and comfort wherever they can.

What started as two passionate side-hustlers driven to give their industry the thoughtful options it so deserved, has now evolved into one of the most worn and trusted culinary-and-hospitality brands in the game. And it’s not just Alex and Jenny running the show these days. They have a full-fledged team rooted in NYC, an esteemed podcast, statement-making collections, and collaborative drops in partnership with fellow industry voices and artists.

Cheers to Tilit, and all they do to celebrate and champion our industry, and all who encompass it. Including you.

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