MISE Discussion at Built Festival 2021

You already know MISE walks the walk. But did you know our founder, Erik Hernandez, can talk the talk? MISE was invited by Built Oregon—an organization that connects, amplifies and accelerates Oregon’s consumer product companies and ecosystems through events and their online platform—to participate in the 2021 Built Festival on October 15, 2021.

During the event, speakers across various industries gathered to share their stories, insights and plans for innovation that begin right in our own PDX backyards—including MISE. Erik sat with Brian Lockard of BALA footwear to discuss creating a footwear brand based around a core consumer segment.

We want to find ways to support the industry beyond just keeping people on their feet with foot health and stability in a physical manner. But also looking at what our brand can do to be a voice, to listen and to also care for them in different ways,” Erik said, on the early stages of our MISE for a Cause campaign.

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