We are MISE - a team of creatives who wanted our culinary friends to finally have kitchen shoes they can count on. The people who flavor our lives and cook up our favorite moments have sacrificed self-expression, comfort, sustainability…all the basics, due to a lack of inclusivity and options that couldn’t support a culinary professional’s needs.

This is where MISE steps in, clocks in and stays in, providing all who comprise the culinary industry with an all-encompassing solution that sets a new standard. Made as meticulously as a chef creates their signature dish, MISE caters to your well-being, your craft, your values and your style simultaneously.

Our styles allow you to step forward with confidence and rise up to any challenge your day holds, with each element delivering industry-specific features balanced with the feeling of your favorite athletic shoe.


If MISE had a secret ingredient, this would be it. Everything we do and stand for revolves around the people behind our purpose. Our friends, neighbors and culinary colleagues who inspired us to take this leap in the first place. They’re the ones who’ve made our lives warm, delicious and memorable. And now, we get to pay it forward to this incredible community by providing culinary professionals with a tool to support their craft.


Throughout our journey to craft and perfect the new standard of kitchen footwear, we’ve received endless support from the culinary community. And now, it’s our turn to pay it forward through cause campaigns that address and support the diverse needs of the industry, with a portion of every sale going to our current cause.
As our causes change, we’ll keep you updated here on our website and over on our Instagram. And for those who ask why giving back is so important to us? Well, it’s just our way of saying “thanks” for all of the generosity and support we’ve encountered along the way.

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We’re sustainable, because why wouldn’t we be? Those we create for are constantly seeking ways to reduce waste in their craft, source ethically and choose ingredients that are good for people and the planet. Naturally, we did the same.

As we receive feedback from our wear testers and continue to discover new and innovative ways to tread lighter, our designs and materials will continue to lessen their impact on the earth.